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7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Class Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware
7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Class Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware
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Windows & Doors

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Supplying Double Glazed Windows & Doors to meet NCC May 2022 code & Triple Glazed Windows & Doors to meet Passive House (PassivHaus) standards or certified products that are made as imported from Europe & Asia!

Windows & Doors (opening demonstrations in action below)
The prices range from as low as AU$350ea Inclusive GST (fabricated locally) to as high as $12,750 Inclusive GST per complete unit (fabricated locally).
Each unit is individually designed to cater to your glazing needs for that specific room. i.e. LowE, Toughened glass or Acoustic glass as some of the main examples.

Shipping for x1 unit starts from AU$220 & for a full house worth of windows & doors up to AU$975 Inclusive GST.
(Excluding regional non-metro areas).

Installation for x1 unit starts from AU$220 Inclusive GST.
(price is based on a new build for a TT window without any new finishes i.e. reveals, etc.)

Openings available are:
Tilt & Turn (TT) Windows
French TT Windows
Bay Windows
Single Double Hung Windows (from Asia only)

Double Hung Windows (fabricated locally only)
Sliding Windows (fabricated locally only)
Bi-Fold Windows

Awning Windows (Opening Outwards) (fabricated locally only)
Tilt Only (Opening Inwards)
Casement Windows (Opening Inwards)
Casement Windows (Opening Outwards)
Hinged Entry Doors
French Doors
Stacker Doors
Mono-Rail Sliding Doors (fabricated locally only)
Multi-Sliding Doors
Tilt & Slide (PSK-200Z) Doors
Lift & Slide (HS) Doors
Bi-Fold Doors
Concertina Doors
Accordion Doors
Bifolding Doors

Please note that sea freight, port costs, clearance fees & import taxes are excluded from these rates below! These will be between AU$3-$12K Inclusive GST. All will depend on how many other customers are combining their orders to fill the container.
That is why they seem to be too good to be true at first!
Here is a quick rundown on the shipping:
x1 40ft container AU$12K Inc GST.
x1 20ft container

Set prices for uPVC Double Glazed Windows & Doors that are fabricated locally with standard glazing are available as well.

For Aluplast (click here)
For Deceuninck (click here)

For Kommerling (click here)
For Rehau (click here)
For VEKA (click here)

If you are on a budget & time is not an issue, I get the same quality German made Aluplast windows & doors for AU$120-$150m2 less than Australian made!
Click here to go to my Aluplast ex Germany products page...

If you are on a budget & time is not an issue, we can get you the same quality (European made) Aluplast Double Glazed Windows & Doors for AU$120-$150 less m2 than Australian made!
Click here to go to my Aluplast ex Poland products range...

As the last option, if you are REALLY are on a TIGHT budget, then we do offer another solution that actually performs better (uV 1.1 - 80mm Frame) than the current 60/70mm Australian systems. But it has the possibility of fading under the harsh Australian sun. No warranty can be provided for these. But it costs WAY LESS than all the other 5 profiles available in Australia! Introducing the 80mm frame windows & doors with Renolit Exofol MX Foil. The same foil that is being used in Europe, you will just have it installed at your property here! Customers should not be missing out if the performance values are there, but they cannot afford it. It's like saying only the parents with money can send their kids to University. It is NOT fair at all! If you are renovating or wanting to upgrade a full house, we guarantee you... It will be cheaper, if not on par. Then your Australian supplied Aluminium (hideous U-value rating of 4-5)! Just see the AU$ m2 rates below for yourself to compare... No tricks, no gimmicks, just true honest information trying to help everyone out as much as possible.
We are not sharks, like many other competitors out there are, who focus on their own back pockets only, my reviews speak for themselves.
If you are not fussed about some discolouration, it is the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

-But it is ONLY worth it if you have x35+ windows/doors to fill a 20ft container. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your order is combined with another order wanting the same budget windows to get sent together & the parties involved split the freight fees.
You can of course get the order fast, but only if you are willing to pay AU$8-10K shipping costs, clearance & delivery to your door for the expedited service.

PU Foam (750ml volume) All-Season @ AU$12.50ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/foam)

Screws (Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation) from AU$15.00 Inclusive GST per box.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/screws)

Sealants, Silicone & Gap Filler from AU$1.99ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (

Window Restrictor @ AU$14.95 per pair Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/window-restrictor)

Marker Pens @ AU$25.00ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/pens)

Trims (Quad, L-Angle & Chamber) white & coloured from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/trim)

Door (6-Pin) Cylinders from AU$15.95ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (

Cleaner from AU$18.95 Inclusive GST per can.
Buy Now here>>> (

Glass (DGU & TGU)
Order here>>> (

Screens from AU$72.50 Inclusive GST.
Order here>>> (

Handles (window & door) & all other operational hardware including glazing tools, etc. Please visit;

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