The cost of double glazing windows.

*Double glazing effective for keeping your home warm in the winter & cool in the summer. It reduces your power bill & it’s great for the environment. Outside sound doesn’t travel through your home as fast & your windows are harder to break into.

*This all sounds great, right? But how much does double glazing cost?
If you like all the benefits of double glazed windows & doors but you’re not sure whether you’re ready to make the investment, this article is for you.

Let’s get started.
*The cost of double glazing windows.
First of all, we’ll start by saying there’s no one simple answer.
Just as no two homes are the same, no two double glazed windows & doors are either.
We don’t have standard off the shelf products, everything is made to your requirements (custom made).
That’s why it’s hard to say exactly what your double glazing will be without seeing your home.
This article is designed to give you a ballpark figure & let you know the components & choices that affect the final price.
Typically, double glazed units won’t fit into existing windows which are designed for single panes, so instead the whole frame is replaced entirely. As an estimate, it costs around $800 – $1500 per square metre.

*What factors affect double glazed window prices?
A number of factors will affect which end of that estimate your double glazed windows will be, such as;
The different types of windows & doors.
The design; how many opening parts, how many doors vs. windows, extras such as georgian bars, arches, etc.
Materials used.
The size of the windows.
Access on site.
The location of your property, installation labour & internal finishes required.

*As you can see, double glazed window costs aren’t standard.
You might like the design of a European Tilt & Turn window, over a traditional awning style.
You might favour a woodgrain finish over standard white.
Your home could be by the ocean, so salt water resistant hardware will be more important to you than noise reduction.
There are different types of glass, offering a range of thermal, solar control & noise efficiency.
There’s toughened glass, low emissivity glass (Low-E), laminated glass, acoustic & secondary glazing.

*The same goes for frames.
In the double glazing arena there are a range of options, including aluminium, timber, composite & uPVC.
Then there are frame styles (portals), such as casement, sliding, awning, double hung, hinged doors & sliding doors (lift or tilt).
In terms of design considerations, there’s thermal performance, noise control, fading & condensation.
Double glazing is best to be custom made to meet your needs.
If you live close to a highway or busy road, sound efficiency is much more important than if your home is on a quiet, suburban street.
Just like double glazing window costs differ, the impact will too.
You will need to consider things like:
Climatic conditions in your location: temperature, humidity, sunshine & wind.
Building design: the orientation, form & layout of the building.
Building materials: the amount of mass & insulation.
The size & location of windows & shading.
Thermal properties of glazing systems.
Save up to 25% on your electricity bill.

*Think of a double glazed unit as a speed hump for air, prompting it to slow down.
You’re never going to stop the transfer of air through a surface, but with thin glass (3mm, in single glazing), it travels faster.
Double glazing is made up of two pieces of glass that have a spacer between.
As a result the outside air has to penetrate the outer layer of glass, continue through the air between the unit, then travel through the inner layer of glass.
It takes longer, so your air inside stays warmer or cooler for longer.
It’s best to look at the double glazed windows cost as a long-term investment.
Double glazing will make your home more comfortable now & more efficient over the coming years.

*The cost of energy is only going to rise, so get in now & future proof your home.
If you’re still sitting on the fence & you’re worried about the initial outlay, consider replacing single glazed windows with double glazed in rooms where you want to improve the natural light, open those curtains, switch off the lights & raise those external blinds.

*A report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics uncovered some interesting facts about uPVC window cost.
The report explained that across the range (0-10) of EER star rating, an increment of 0.5 amounts to a consistent 1.2% increase in house price. Long story short? Double glazing not only reduces your power bill, but it adds to your house value too.
Say for example, you spend $10,000 on double glazing.
This would raise the value of your $400,000 home by 2.4% – that’s $9,600. See, double glazing pays for itself simply in added sale value.
Impressive, isn’t it?

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