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About Us

uPVC Double or Triple Glazed Windows & Doors supply & installation.
Aluminium Thermally Broken is fabricated from Sydney, NSW only.
Where as uPVC is fabricated nation wide, but mainly comes from Sydney,  NSW.

Proper, professional, precise installation with due care to the existing framework!
The knowledge has been passed down from a 30+yrs German craftsman professional!
Within Adelaide, we perform the utmost greatest finishes available to date with immaculate attention to detail trim work with FinestraSA Pty Ltd (Oliver Papendick) as the principal installer directing traffic on job sites.

Sydney projects are attended to within Adelaide wherever possible, all other states have their own teams of installers provided by us.

Importing Windows & Doors cost 20-25% less, but only worth it when ordering at least x20+ windows


Contingency fund for the container import costs will include your:
Handling, fabricating custom timber frame stands, packing, import & local port costs, sea freight, custom clearance, import tax & GST of approximately AU$5K Inclusive GST.
Anything not spent & leftover, is yours to keep. No tricks!
Transparency between you & us is the key to a cost-effective solution.
Be ready to reap in the magnificent long-life rewards that your windows & doors can bring!

'We are quality, not quantity!'

Process & next steps

Receive a personalised proposal for your next project, repair, upgrade, extension, installation, glass, screens, blinds or hardware needs:
Please NOTE; if you already have drawings, plans, sketches or previous quotes available on hand.
Your chances of getting a quote turned around in rapid time increases dramatically with these in our possession.

We are a small team, family & health is important to us as much as work.
So please be patient to work with us & thank you for your understanding in these difficult trying times.

Urgent order

If you do require a cost ASAP, we do offer a small service fee that can expedite your quote for only AU$17.95 Inclusive GST (click here)


Dealing directly with the customer, this way we can guarantee you great service & the most competitive pricing with great warranty whilst having a long-lasting customer relationship moving forward.

Integrity & fundamentals

There is no job too big or small.
We can now even offer you Aluminium Thermally Broken as an option!
You stipulate the requirements, we meet them!
We don't hard sell specific products as others do.
This is where we are different to the rest of the pack!
We sit down & take the time to make your renovation what YOU want it to be, not us.


Repayment options up to 7 years are now available on a 6.75% Fixed Interest Rate!
No ongoing or early repayment penalty fees!
Flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
Loan amounts between AU$2,001-AU$75K (smooth application process).


All glass is supplied by Australian companies AGG Viridian.

Installation & glazing

Is performed by specialised professionals with many years of extensive experience under their belt who are certified & insured with their own vehicle & tools.

Set prices for uPVC windows & doors with standard glazing are:

For Salamander (click here)
For Aluplast (click here)
For Deceuninck (click here)
For Kommerling (click here)
For Gealan (click here)
For Rehau (click here)
For VEKA (click here)

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PU Foam (750ml volume) All-Season @ AU$12.50ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/foam)

Screws (Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation) from AU$15.00 Inclusive GST per box.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/screws)

Sealants, Silicone & Gap Filler from AU$1.99ea Inclusive GST.
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Window Restrictor @ AU$14.95 per pair Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/window-restrictor)

Marker Pens @ AU$25.00ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/pens)

Trims (Quad, L-Angle & Chamber) white & coloured from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
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Door (6-Pin) Cylinders from AU$15.95ea Inclusive GST.
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Cleaner from AU$18.95 Inclusive GST per can.
Buy Now here>>> (

Glass (DGU & TGU)
Order here>>> (

Screens from AU$72.50 Inclusive GST.
Order here>>> (

Handles (window & door) & all other operational hardware including glazing tools, etc. Please visit;

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