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Chainwinder (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).
Chainwinder (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).
Chainwinder (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).
Chainwinder (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).
Chainwinder (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).
Chainwinder HD60 (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm).


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Chain winder.

Whitco used Chainwinder (White) Lockable w/Key,
HD40 (Rated; 40kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm) or
HD60 (Rated; 60kg) (L: 279 x W45 x H35.5mm) MOQ; x20 units (ETA; 3 Months) @ AU$87.95ea Inc. GST!

Locking Chain Winder Black

  • Suits up to 40kg & 60kg windows
  • Locking version
  • Full metal construction
  • High-weight capacity chain
  • Standard selectable length mechanism
  • The folding handle eliminates interference with curtains & blinds

Products specifications
Finish Black
Lockable Yes
Material Steel
Max Weight 40kg & 60kg versions

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