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(L2440 x W1220 x D9mm) Refined Structural Moisture Resistant (OSB) Oriented Strand Board (ISO BS EN 13986 + EN300).
(L2440 x W1220 x D9mm) Refined Structural Moisture Resistant (OSB) Oriented Strand Board (ISO BS EN 13986 + EN300).
(L2500 x W1250 x D9mm) Un-Refined Structural Moisture Resistant (OSB) Oriented Strand Board (ISO BS EN 13986 + EN300).
OSB Boards.
OSB Boards.
OSB Boards.
19mm x 3600 x 900 Structural Grade Particleboard Sheet (Green Tongue) Flooring Domestic & Commercial Interior Use.
OSB Boards.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

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OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

Flooring - Yellow, Green, Blue Tongue & Groove.

European Hardwood.

Much better than plywood!

Oriented Strand Board for flooring, walls, ceiling, or retail outlet shopfront usage, etc.

(L2440 x W1220 x D9mm) Refined.
(L2500 x W1250 x D9mm) Un-Refined.
(L2400 x W1200mm x D18mm)

ISO Standard EN300

Formaldehyde-Free (non-toxic) product!

Termite resistant.

15-year warranty on the Refined OSB Board!

More water resistant than other plywood products!
Which have been banned in Europe for more than 20+ years ago!

48 hectares of 30-year-old mature Oak Forest trees get replanted after being cut down to replenish & keep a sustainable logging future.

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