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7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Glass Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware
7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Glass Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware
7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Glass Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware
7* uPVC Double Triple Glazed Windows Doors Energy Efficient Acoustic Glass Thermal Insulation Performance Sustainable Passive Tiny House Living Aluplast Deceuninck Zendow Kommerling C70 Gold VEKA Softline MD82 Rehau Synego Siegenia Roto Bunnings Hardware

Salamander uPVC Windows & Doors

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Salamander uPVC Double & Triple Glazed Windows & Doors

bluEvolution 73 AD (Uf 1.3)
bluEvolution 82 AD (compression gasket, double seal) (Uf 1.1)

blueEvolution 82 MD (central gasket, triple seal) (Uf 0.99)

3D Colonial/Georgian Bars are available (inside glass from the factory) but can be stuck on the outside afterwards by purchasing my glazing bars.
3-types of 'Frame Ventilation Diffuser' options available.

Frames; 7 years (white), 5 years (colour)
Hardware; 7 years (WinkHaus)
Glass; 7 years (NSG Group Pilkington) Ug 1.1 W/m2K | Rw 34dB
(26 Glazing; 6mm Toughened Optifloat Glass + 16mm Argon Gas + 4mm Annealed LowE Optitherm S3 Glass) 
Workmanship Labour; 5 years (Perth, WA) other states, TBA.

Openings available are:

Tilt & Turn (TT) Windows
French TT Windows
Casement Windows (Open In or Open Out)
Hinged Entry Doors (Open In or Out)
French Doors (Open In or Out)

Stacker Doors
Sliding Doors
Tilt & Slide (PSK) Doors
Lift & Slide (HS) Doors

bluEvolution 73mm & 82mm (Frames) 6 Internal Chambers with Reinforced 2mm Galvanised Steel.

Salamander focuses on sustainability & weight saving with innovative high-tech core

Salamander Window & Door Systems transfers a sustainable high-tech material from aircraft & wind turbine construction to windows.
With evoCore+, the heavy steel reinforcement in the window frame is replaced by a highly insulating, stable foam core with many other advantages.

  • High-tech PET foam core delivers better Uf values & is significantly lighter than conventional steel reinforcement.
  • evoCore+ scores in terms of sustainability & save 1.16 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of recycled plastic through the intelligent upgrading of polymer material.
  • Patented & tested component suitable for passive houses with a minimum Uw value of 0.69 W/(m²K).


Türkheim, 15-02-2021. For years Salamander Window & Door Systems has been using sustainable materials to manufacture its products.
Salamander's central strategy is to turn the building element "window" into a sustainable & tangible design product solution for end customers.
The company continuously questions the status quo in order to become better.
In terms of sustainability, Salamander's S500 corporate strategy is firmly anchored in reducing energy consumption & cutting emissions.
In order to achieve these goals, Salamander is joining all forces in the company to improve its carbon footprint.
Consequently, the topic takes a high priority in the development of sustainable product solutions.

In the case of uPVC window profiles, it is customary to install a solid steel core in the large profile chamber for reasons of stability.
Salamander is taking a new & innovative approach to reinforcing the frame, drawing on the experience of aircraft & wind turbine construction: the innovative & stable high-tech foam core evoCore+ can be used as an alternative in Salamander's multi-compatible greenEvolution system.

evoCore+ from Salamander: patented, recyclable & suitable for passive houses

The evoCore+ foam core offers numerous advantages over the steel core.
evoCore+ consists of 100% recycled PET bottles: Salamander thus makes an active contribution to climate protection & environmental conservation.
The material can be reintroduced into the material cycle after use, and since there is almost no waste during fabrication, production waste can be reduced to almost 0 %. In terms of stability, evoCore+ meets the performance required by the market & offers significant advantages.
Windows can be built in the same size as standard processes & burglary protection up to RC2 can be achieved.
The thermal insulation capacity of the window improves by approx. 10 %.
Salamander windows with evoCore+ comply with the passive house standard according to IFT guideline WA-15/2.
Another argument of the innovative foam core is the issue of weight-saving: the dead weight of evoCore+ is approx. 75 % lighter compared to steel reinforcement.
The lower element weight enables easier assembly.
The energy required for transport along the entire value chain is also reduced.

With evoCore+, Salamander Window & Door Systems has created a new, innovative generation of window profiles with sustainable frame reinforcement.
It is another step into the future of sustainable product strategy. 

Produced with equivalent Hornschuch Continental skai cool colors PLUS foil to resist Extreme Australian UV conditions for many years to come!

Windows come standard with (4mm Clear Toughened Glass, 16mm Argon Gas & 4mm Clear LowE Toughened Glass DGU - 24mm Glazing) unless otherwise specified.

Doors come standard with (4mm Clear Toughened Glass, 16mm Argon Gas & 4mm Clear LowE  Toughened Glass DGU - 24mm Glazing) unless otherwise specified.

All other openings are NOT as good as TT (Tilt & Turn).
They have lower insulation & thermal properties.
The set prices for awning outwards, casement in/out, & sliding windows are available below.

For enclosed safe delivery to your home or business within Perth & interstate.
Please visit the 
(delivery) page, thank you )


Contingency fund for the container import costs will include your:
Handling, fabricating custom timber frame stands, packing, port costs, sea freight, customs duty, import tax & GST of approximately AU$8.5K Inclusive GST.
Anything not spent & leftover, is yours to keep. No tricks!
Transparency between you & us is the key to a cost-effective solution.
Be ready to reap in the magnificent long-life rewards that your windows & doors can bring!

'We are quality, not quantity!'

Process & next steps

Receive a personalised proposal for your next project, repair, upgrade, extension, installation, glass, screens, blinds or hardware needs:
Please NOTE; if you already have drawings, plans, sketches or previous quotes available on hand to share.
Your chances of getting a quote turned around in rapid time increase dramatically with these in our possession.

We are a small team, family & health is important to us as much as work.
So please be patient to work with us & thank you for your understanding in these difficult trying times.

Urgent order

If you do require a cost ASAP, I do have a Patreon page that can expedite your quote for a service fee of only AU$17.95 Inclusive GST (click here)


We are dealing directly with the customer, this way we can guarantee you great service & the most competitive pricing with a great warranty whilst having a long-lasting customer relationship moving forward.

Integrity & fundamentals

There is no job too big or small.
We can even offer Aluminium Thermally Broken now!
You stipulate the requirements, we meet them!
We don't hard sell specific products as others do.
This is where we are different to the rest of the pack!
We sit down & take the time to make your renovation what YOU want it to be, not us.


Repayment options for up to 7 years are now available at a 6.75% Fixed Interest Rate!
No ongoing or early repayment penalty fees!
Flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
Loan amounts between AU$2,001-AU$75K (smooth application process).


All glass is supplied by Australian companies AGG Viridian.

Installation & glazing

Is performed by specialised professionals with many years of extensive experience under their belt who are certified & insured with their own vehicle & tools.

Set prices for other uPVC window & door brands that are fabricated locally & imported with standard glazing are available below.

For Aluplast (click here)
For Deceuninck (click here)
For Kommerling (click here)
For Gealan (click here
For Rehau (click here) Imported
For VEKA (click here) Imported

Suite #307, 310 George St, Sydney, NSW
Free Toll 1800 468 782Sales@uPVC.com.au | Direct (0406 155 039)

Windows & Doors (opening demonstrations in action)
The prices range from as low as AU$400ea to as high as $2,100ea Inclusive GST per unit.
Each unit can be individually designed to cater to your glazing needs for that specific room. i.e. LowE, Toughened glass or Acoustic glass as some of the main examples.

Shipping for these Salamander windows & doors arrives via Perth.
The AU$8,500 contingency fund for the overseas shipping should cover this cost, but if not, we will let you know asap.

Installation for x1 unit starts from AU$280 Inclusive GST.
(price is based on a new build for a TT window without any new finishes i.e. reveals, etc.)

As the last option, if you are REALLY on a TIGHT budget, then I do offer another solution that actually performs better (uV 1.1 - 80mm Frame) than the current 60/70mm Australian systems. But it has the possibility of fading under the harsh Australian sun. But it costs WAY LESS than all the other 5 profiles available in Australia! Introducing the 80mm frame windows & doors with Renolit Exofol MX Foil.
(click here)
The same foil that is being used in Europe, you will just have it installed at your property here! Customers should not be missing out if the performance values are there, but they cannot afford it. It's like saying only the parents with money can send their kids to University. It is NOT fair at all! If you are renovating or want to upgrade a full house, I guarantee you... It will be cheaper, if not on par. Then your Australian supplied Aluminium (hideous uV rating of 4-5)! Just see the per sq m2 rates below for yourself to compare... No tricks, no gimmicks, just true honest information trying to help everyone out as much as possible.
I am not a shark, like many other competitors out there are, who focus on their own back pockets only, my reviews speak for themselves.
If you are not fussed about some discolouration, it is the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Below are the Deceuninck window & door opening videos.
This will give you a better understanding of what to expect when renovating or upgrading your existing property with Salamander uPVC windows & doors.
In the meantime, please enjoy the Deceuninck range videos below for the time being.

PU Foam (750ml volume) All-Season @ AU$12.50ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/foam)

Screws (Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation) from AU$15.00 Inclusive GST per box.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/screws)

Sealants, Silicone & Gap Filler from AU$1.99ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (

Window Restrictor @ AU$14.95 per pair Inclusive GST.
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Marker Pens @ AU$25.00ea Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/pens)

Trims (Quad, L-Angle & Chamber) white & coloured from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
Buy Now here>>> (https://www.upvc.com.au/products/trim)

Door (6-Pin) Cylinders from AU$15.95ea Inclusive GST.
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Cleaner from AU$18.95 Inclusive GST per can.
Buy Now here>>> (

Glass (DGU & TGU)
Order here>>> (

Screens from AU$72.50 Inclusive GST.
Order here>>> (

Handles (window & door) & all other operational hardware including glazing tools, etc. Please visit;

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