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Premium Glass that conforms to Australian standards AS2208 & AS1288

Glass (Uw (1.4-1.6) W/m2K values) panes variety & IGU Performance.

Uw (W/m2K) values1.4-1.6 achieved with standard glazing (4mm Clear LowE Toughened Glass, 16-20mm Argon Gas & 4mm Clear LowE (i.e. LightBridge or Insulglass Clear IGU) Toughened Glass (ratings are based on TT (Tilt & Turn) principals.)
Keep warm in winter & cool in the summer (21-24'c) all year round.


Annealed/Float Glass (Clear, Tinted, High Performance Tinted or Low-E Pyrolitic)

Insulating Glass/Double Glazed (Insulation & Solar Control.
Argon Gas Optional for Extra Uw Rating).

Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass (600'C Thermal Tempering Process: Cannot be cut after it has been toughened!)

Heat Strengthened Glass (More resistant to breakage than simple Annealed/Float Glass. But it cannot be cut after it has been strengthened!)

Chemically Strengthened Glass (450'C (842'F) Potassium Nitrate Salt Bath: 6-8 Times Stronger than Annealed/Float Glass. Must be Laminated if Safety Glass is Required)!

Laminated Glass (Interlayer’s of 'Polymeric Material'. Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) sandwiched between layers of Glass.
On occasion Polymers such as Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polyurethane (PU), Polycarbonates (PET) films or ionomers are used).

Coated Glass (Options: Low Maintenance, Special Reflection, Transmission or Absorption Properties, Scratch & Corrosion Resistance etc).

Patterned Glass (Figured/Obscure: Can be produced as Toughened or Laminated Safety Glass. Where light but not transparency is desired).

Security Glass (Rigid Interlayer’s Depending On Resistance Required).

Screen Printed Glass (Ceramic Frit 'Paint' Permanently Fused to the Toughened Glass Surface).

Mirrored Glass (Metal Coating: Silver, Aluminium, Gold or Chrome).

Self Cleaning Glass (Exterior: Pyrolitic Coating dissolves dirt & sheds water 'hydrophilic').

Fire Rated Glass (To Suit Varying Degrees of Protection Required).


Insulglass Max® IGU

Significant window insulation = superior energy ratings

Insulglass Max with its very low U values or heat transfer and low solar heat gain properties, is the most popular soft coat for domestic applications in tropical regions as it not only stops ingress of natural sun energy inside the room but it also minimises natural or human heat transfer outside by retaining most of it inside the room.
(78% compared to Insulglass Single Glazed and 48% compared to Insulglass Clear IGU) whilst reducing your air conditioning energy cost to maintain comfort levels within your home.

Custom designed and locally produced Insulglass Max gives greater performance for less cost plus the confidence that comes with a competitive, local product.

Clean, clear & colour neutral, Insulglass Max® delivers superior insulation & high light transmission with low solar heat gain.

Energy efficient, natural light Utilising a highly efficient coated glass, Insulglass Max ensures optimal solar & insulating performance, dramatically improving on traditional insulating glass products.
It is the most effective way of achieving green star energy ratings. Insulglass Max offers architects, designers & builders greater choices for bringing natural light & solar control into your project, with positive impacts on heating & cooling costs.
Ideal for small to mid sized commercial projects – Insulglass Max is perfect for public buildings, offices, apartments, community halls & centres, education facilities, galleries, museums, hospitals & law courts.

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PU Foam (750ml Volume) All Season High Yield @ AU$12.35ea Inclusive GST.
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Screws (SPAX, PARCO & Blaugelb: Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation Screws) from AU$15.00ea Inclusive GST.
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HAUTAU: Window Restrictor @ AU$11.00 per pair Inclusive GST.
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Konig: Frame Pens @ AU$25.00ea Inclusive GST.
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Renolit Exofol FR/FX White & Coloured (20 Year Warranty in Australia) Profile Trims from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
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