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Weiss COSMO® SP-710.110 2-Part White Resin Repair Kit.

Weiss COSMO uPVC Resin Repair Kit

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COSMO® SP-710.110

Has been specially developed for the repairing of cracks, false drillings & other damages on PVC-hard profiles & distinguishes itself with its easy, safe & quick handling during the processing or repairing.

Special Characteristics

  • for white PVC-hard profiles
  • quick, easy to handle, safe
  • mini package for single use
  • hard impact resistance

Application examples
  • Repairing of cracks, false drillings & other damages on PVC-hard profiles.


19g mixing unit.
(13g powder- + 6g fluid-component).

Technical information

2-Part Polymerisation resin on acrylic base.

Film property
Hard impact resistance.

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