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SBR Latex (Efflock & Bondcrete) All-In-One Component!
SBR Latex (Efflock & Bondcrete) All-In-One Component!
SBR Latex (Efflock & Bondcrete) All-In-One Component!
Crosbe CROSflow 810 Floor Leveller.
Crosbe CROSflow 830 Commercial Leveller.
Crosbe CROSflow Primer.
Crosbe CROSflow Primer.
Concrete Primer.


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Bondcrete & Efflock (All-In-One) efflorescence product (SBR Latex)!

Is a superior-quality waterproofing copolymer latex with a blend of special auxiliary chemicals. It is a water base dispersion of synthetic polymer which will substantially improve the workability of concrete & mortars used for repairs, floor toppings & renders in the building & construction industry.
By carefully selecting the proportions of cement, sand, water & SBR Latex, it will be ideal for the bonding of tiles as well as natural stone, marble, granite, slate & ceramic tiles onto concrete, plaster concrete block, fibre cement sheet, particle board, old ceramic tiles etc.

Quality waterproofing, flooring systems, concrete repair, mortar/render, primer binding, grouting & tile adhesive.


  • Ready to use from the container - Simply add to the mixture of the cement.
  • Improve adhesion markedly to a wide range of substrates.
  • Excellent resistance to water & water vapour when dry.
  • Allows thin section application & feather edging.
  • Reduces shrinkage.
  • Improves abrasion, chemical & impact resistance.
  • Increases compression, flexural & tensile strength.
  • Reduces water permeability, and protects against carbonation.
  • Reduces water-cement ratio for equivalent workability.


20L Container.

The only equivalent inferior product is the Bondcrete from Bunnings!

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