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Whitco Series 25 Awning/Casement Interlock CAM (LH & RH) Window Catch/Latch Handles w-Key Alloy (RAL 9005).
Whitco Awning/Casement Interlock CAM (LH & RH) Handle Window Alloy (RAL 9005).
Whitco Awning/Casement Interlock Wedgeless (LH & RH) Handle Window Alloy (RAL 9005).
Whitco Awning/Casement Interlock Wedgeless (LH & RH) Low Profile Alloy Window Handle (RAL 9005).

Whitco Handles

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Whitco Window Handles.

Interlock Wedgeless CAM Key locking & non-key locking handles with 32mm distance between the centre of the screw to screw fixing holes.

White (RAL 9010)
Black (RAL 9005)

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Not to mention all the door handle types that are available on the uPVC 'Door Handles' product page like the Atlanta series!

If you are an end-user & your current window is broken.
This is your best friend to quickly be able to use your window once again.
Very easy replacement, just two PH2 head screws stand in your way!
Bam, fixed for yourself. No handyman call-outs are required!
Happy days to everyone...

PU Foam (750ml volume) All-Season @ AU$12.50ea Inclusive GST.
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Screws (Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation) from AU$15.00 Inclusive GST per box.
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Sealants, Silicone & Gap Filler from AU$1.99ea Inclusive GST.
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Trims (Quad, L-Angle & Chamber) white & coloured from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
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Door (6-Pin) Cylinders from AU$15.95ea Inclusive GST.
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Cleaner from AU$20.95 Inclusive GST per can.
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Glass (DGU & TGU)
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Screens from AU$72.50 Inclusive GST.
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Handles (window & door) & all other operational hardware including glazing tools, etc.

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