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uPVC Repairs

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For all uPVC repair types, including profile trim, cylinder locks, locking mechanisms (drive gear), corner drives, handles, striker plates, latch plates, strikers, etc.

Callout fee with 1 hr labour for $260.00 Inc GST.
Any parts required are extra.

Or for any any other uPVC matter not mentioned above, please send in your query to uPVC.com.au@GMail.com

PU Foam (750ml Volume) Blaugelb All Season Low Expanding (65L) Yield @ AU$16.75ea
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Screws (SPAX, PARCO & Blaugelb: REO, Assembly/Fitting & Installation Frame Anchoring) from AU$15.00ea
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ALSEAL: Sealants, Silicone, Glue & Gap Filler from AU$1.99ea
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HAUTAU: Window Restrictor @ AU$8.00ea
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Konig: Frame Pens @ AU$25.00ea
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Renolit Exofol FR/FX White & Coloured (20 Year Warranty in Australia) Profile Trims from AU$2.15p/lm
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