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uPVC Profile Frames

Double Glazed, Energy Efficient, Acoustic Soundproof, Thermally Performing Windows & Doors

Manufactured in Australia using either Aluplast, Kommerling or Deceuninck window & door uPVC frames with Siegenia-Aubi (Titan), Roto NT, WinkHaus, AmesburyTruth Encore or MACO Hardware.
(dependant on profile brand chosen)

Frames are laminated with 'Renolit Exofol FX' for Deceuninck, Kommerling, VEKA & Rehau.
Aluplast, Salamander & Gealan frames are laminated with
'Continental Hornschuch 'skai cool colors PLUS'.

VEKA, Rehau, Salamander, WINTECH, PENWOOD, Schuco, Firatpen, Selenit, Garnet, Elegance, VentaPlast, Zenia, Andes, Gedizpen, Zhongcai, KBE, Gealan, Salamander, Inoutic, Novotex, Plaspen, Kaleva, Exprof, Vita Nova, Butia, WinTech, EK Profile, SarayTech, Hofmann, Elwin, VistaBest, ProoWine, Real Win, VHS, Endow, Acodo, Diva, Mazandaran, Babol or Fobos import are also available if that is your personal preference from experience.

*Ready to meet the 2022 NCC (National Construction Code) compliance requirements?
Look no further with uPVC Windows & Doors!!!
Have all your U-value worries solved with double glazing!

PU Foam (750ml Volume) All Season High Yield @ AU$12.35ea Inclusive GST.
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Screws (SPAX, PARCO & Blaugelb: Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping & Installation Screws) from AU$15.00ea Inclusive GST.
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HAUTAU: Window Restrictor @ AU$11.00 per pair Inclusive GST.
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Konig: Frame Pens @ AU$25.00ea Inclusive GST.
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Renolit Exofol FR/FX White & Coloured (20 Year Warranty in Australia) Profile Trims from AU$2.15p/lm Inclusive GST.
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Double & Triple Glazed Windows, Doors, Glass & Hardware (Australia)

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