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Quality Assurance

The RAL quality assurance
 RAL-GZ 716 is a marking instrument to ensure the quality of plastic window profile systems & its system components. For this purpose, the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme has drawn up appropriate quality and test regulations (GPB) 
The manufacturer who wishes to acquire the quality mark undertakes to have his products & the associated manufacturing processes regularly monitored by authorized inspection bodies.

The quality assurance covers the entire value chain of plastic window profile systems: from the raw material to the components to the profile system.
You as a consumer, you as a window manufacturer or you as a planner have the certainty that the window profile systems, including components such as seals, adhesives & foils, are state-of-the-art & stand for a long service life.
You can read more about the individual 
system components here.
You can find more information on the tasks of quality assurance & membership in the quality association in the statutes.

Quality mark
The RAL quality mark for plastic window profile systems is a quality seal.
A product with this symbol meets all the requirements of the quality & test regulations of the RAL Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoffr Fensterprofilsysteme.
These requirements go beyond the relevant standard requirements.
That is why quality marks are used, among other things, as a basis for procurement & awarding, and thus offer building owners orientation.
Quality assurance basically includes an initial test & ongoing external monitoring of the system.
As far as the components used in the system are concerned, an initial test is also carried out here, as well as regular in-house production control by the manufacturer & neutral third-party monitoring by an external inspection body.

The one-minute video summarizes the system of the RAL quality mark:

Quality features

All quality-determining features of a system are geared towards long-term usability.
This means that even after 40 years or more, window frames are usually fully functional.

In order to prove the long-term usability in the initial test, the following requirements are made & tested:

  • the contents of the system description
  • the properties of the adhesive in bonded systems
  • the mutual compatibility of the components in bonded and / or film-laminated systems
  • the functionality & tightness of the maximum size sample windows
  • Properties such as B. Thermal, break-in & sound insulation as well as ventilation properties
  • the use of quality-assured components in the quality-assured profile system

In future, properties such as a healthy indoor climate & the environmental impact of the plastic window profile system will also be included in the quality-determining characteristics.
You can find out more about 
sustainable building products here.

RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance & Labeling

RAL has been operating the concept of voluntary quality assurance since it was founded in 1925.
The quality associations formulate their quality & test provisions in cooperation with companies, institutes & experts according to the statutes & rules of RAL.
As part of a recognition process, these are checked & recognized by independent specialist & public circles.
In addition to the Federal Office for Materials Research, this also includes testing institutes, associations & expert experts.
You can find detailed information on RAL quality assurance on the 
RAL website & in the brochure "The RAL Quality Assurance System" .

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