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Bazis (1L) Volume White Low Expanding PU Foam (70L) Yield

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Bazis (1L) Volume White Low Expanding PU Foam (70L) Yield

Polyurethane assembly professional foam Bazis All Season - for mounting translucent structures, door blocks, window sills, fixing wall panels, sealing gaps, voids, heat & sound insulation of joints, as well as for other construction, finishing & installation works.

High-quality one-component polyurethane foam has high adhesion to most building materials, such as: concrete, brick, plaster, wood, plastic, with the exception of polyethylene, polypropylene and fluoroplastic.

Provides a uniform, stable yield & an ideal fine-pore structure of the finished foam.
Creates excellent thermal & sound insulation.
Does not deform the structure, due to low secondary expansion.

Thanks to the original recipe of Bazis components, it allows the use of All Season Foam Cylinders cooled to 0 ° C **.

Excellent result under extreme conditions: low temperatures & humidity. 
The new valve design provides high sticking resistance & guaranteed tripping.
Reduces gas loss during storage by 40%.

  • Foam output - 65-70 liters *.

  • Secondary expansion - 20-25%.

  • The formation of the surface film - up to 10 minutes *.

  • The initial processing time is up to 40 minutes *.



  • Works is recommended to be carried out at a temperature from 0 ° C to + 35 ° C & relative humidity of air not less than 50%.

  • To obtain the maximum yield & optimum physico mechanical parameters of the foam, before using, keep the cylinder at a temperature from + 18 ° C to + 20 ° C for at least 10 hours.

  • For accurate work, it is recommended to close adjacent surfaces with a film.

  • To apply foam on previously cleared of dust, dirt, fat, ice & frost surfaces.

  • Moisten the working surfaces before applying the foam at an ambient temperature above 0 ° C.

  • The working position of the cylinder - BOTTOM UP.

  • Remove the protective cover from the bottle.

  • Screw the gun onto the cross-shaped nozzle with thread.
    Make sure the connection is secure.

  • Shake the can thoroughly at least 15 times within 30 seconds.

  • Fill the gap to 2/3 of the volume, applying a mounting foam from the bottom up.

  • Adjust the foam output using the screw of the gun.

  • In the process, periodically shake the balloon.

  • After application, moisten the foam with water using a sprayer at an ambient temperature above 0 ° C.

  • The initial processing time is 40 minutes at a temperature of + 23 ° C and a relative humidity of 50%.

  • Excess foam after complete solidification cut with a knife.

  • Remove uncured foam with Bazis Foam Cleaner.

  • Foam is completely polymerized within 24 hours.
    Hardened foam can be cut, plastered, painted.

  • Keep away from UV rays & precipitation.

* At a temperature of + 23 ° C & relative humidity of 50%. 
** At ambient temperature not lower than -10 ° С.


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